Prepare yourself for a whole-being, therapeutic vacation at Cariño Massage, centrally located in a great area of West Hollywood. Your retreat to our private, tranquil oasis will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a white sandy beach, far, far away from your busy life.

Cariño Massage brings massage out of the day spa and into an exclusive “massage-only” space, making it an accessible part of your healthy life ritual. Modern massage techniques combined with Ancient Mayan practices makes Cariño Massage a place to heal your body and center your mind.

Cariño HEALING/ADAPTABLE Our signature massage that is the most thorough, precise, and complete body massage available anywhere. Once the therapist makes contact with the body, they don't lose contact until the session is complete. This massage style has been praised as the most "adaptable" style to your unique body and its healing needs.

$95 for 1 hour. $135 for 1.5 hours.
Athletic DEEP PRESSURE/FIRM The firm version of our signature massage is right for a more athletic or dense body type, recovering from an injury, or for those who enjoy a deep pressure massage. After this massage you will be rejuvenated and revived and ready to get back to the gym, spin class or the jogging trail.

$95 for 1 hour. $135 for 1.5 hours.
Gentle PREGNANCY/RECOVERY This style is recommended for the mama to be, the brand new mother, or for those with more post surgery or the elderly, as well. (Cariño Massage is just as important in helping ease the joints and organs back into place after childbirth or other mild trauma to the body).

$95 for 1 hour. $135 for 1.5 hours.

Convenient West Hollywood Location

Metered Parking & Limited Free Neighborhood Parking


Meet Cariño’s Johnny Ray

Johnny is committed to pampering you from the moment you make your appointment until you leave my doors and continue into your life. Trust our healing hands and know that you are being cared for by someone who is dedicated to his profession, has extensively studied several massage techniques, and has been thoroughly trained in the Cariño Massage style.

All massages are $95 for 1 hour or $135 for 1.5 hours

ca·ri·ño - m. ~ (esmero) extreme care/meticulousness, attention, (caricia) caress, (afecto) affection, (amor) love, tenderness.