Cariño Massage was developed from theories of ancient Central American Papil and Mayan Indians and their practice of the “anointment of oil.” Many cultures around the globe view massage as a necessary part of life for a person to be whole and healthy, not just as a luxury or special occasion gift.


— speeds metabolic waste removal
— stimulates the release of endorphins
— improves skin tone
— lowers blood pressure
— increases flexibility
— reduces swelling
— reduces scarring
— improves posture
— reduces heart rate
— slows respiration
— stretches connective tissues
— increases blood & lymph circulation
— increases red blood cell count
— promotes deeper effective breathing
— speeds injuries and illness recovery
— strengthens the immune system
— calms the nervous system
— decreases muscle deterioration
— decreases chronic pain
— increased energy


— reduces stress/tension headaches
— promotes better sleep
— calms a bad temper
— improves concentration


— reduces anxiety
— enhances self-image
— provides a feeling of well being
— promotes creative expression