“Johnny-As always your massage was so healing. Can’t wait for Cariño Massage, so all of LA can experience your touch, and style of massage. It’s blissful. Thanks again”
—Delcie A. / Hypnotherapist

“Johnny Ray is not only a gifted healer but a pure heart and artistic spirit. His massage is a full mind/body experience, helping you to work through not only tense areas in the body but emotional tensions that manifest in these physical areas. He guides you through the holistic experience with breathing techniques and visualizations, creating a trusting environment that encourages healing and rejuvenation. Johnny’s work takes you through a journey of self-awareness, deepening your connection and encouraging the flow of energy throughout your body for a divine wellness experience!”
—Amy H. / Wellness Public Relations

“Johnny Ray’s massage last Thursday was one of those rare transformative experiences – and at a moment when I most needed it. It was as if he knew that about me, could sense it even by the way I first walked in the door. Lying on his massage table, I felt like my body was a fine musical instrument; his expert hands knew just how to make every cell within me sing. I walked out feeling lighter and freer, happier and more alive than I had in a long time. Johnny Ray is truly an artist and a healer.”
—Susan L, Writer & Author

“Johnny Ray is a focused massage therapist with healing hands and the wisdom to help the body heal itself. He gives 100% of himself every moment of the massage. He is a trusted and consistent therapist with a certain talent for relaxing and rejuvenating the body.”
—Melanie Noel Light, Author & Photographer.

“Johnny’s studio is like an oasis in the middle of madness – whenever I feel the stress starting to get to me, I make an appointment for the best massage ’I’ve ever had. No one else compares. Johnny zeros in on my problem areas and customizes each session for a unique experience. I love that I can call him on short notice and just swing by his studio if he is available.”
—Tracey C. – Beverly Hills Realtor

“Strong. Therapeutic. Caring. Johnny Ray has got the touch! He sincerely cares about each of his clients in a way that by the time you leave his office; your body feels great, and you feel like you were with an old friend.”
—Bridget B., Actor / Singer / Senior Project Manager

“My favorite thing about Johnny Ray’s massage work is that you feel like your body is being listened to. He pays such deep attention that you feel like every message experience is custom made. I had no idea that a massage could work on so many levels. When I leave, I am not only relaxed, I feel like I learned something.”
—Trace T., Actor NY/LA

“I’ve had a lot of massages in my career from massage therapists worldwide. Johnny Ray is one of THE best I have encountered in my 20 plus years as a dancer. He is intuitive and sensitive and I would recommend him to anyone without question.”
—Carol A., Dancer/Actress/Pilates Instructor

“It was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday. I had a big smile for the rest of the day. 🙂 You have wonderful hands and your massage did not make me sore even for a bit. Thanks a lot for a great massage.”
—Inna P., UCLA Bio Chemist